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Leyla Zileli
Prof. Dr. M. Orhan   ÖZTÜRK
This preface, published in the Turkish Journal of Psychiatry, is presented here with the permission of Prof. Dr. M. Orhan Öztürk: TPD, Volume 19, Issue 3, Fall 2008 TAMAMI...
Prof. Dr. Nilgün TAŞKINTUNA
In 1925, a young girl was born to Tevfik Kâmil Bey and Hayriye Hanım, and they called her Leyla. Her father was one of the architects of the Treaty of Lausanne and one of Atatürk’s most trusted foreign service officers. Due to his father’s assignments, TAMAMI...
Prof. Dr. Nevzat YÜKSEL
Prof. Dr. Leyla Zileli finished “Notre Dame de Sion” French high school for girls in 1943 and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University in 1950. TAMAMI...
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