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Psychoanalysis has always been,according to Freud, both a research endeavor and a therapeutic endeavor. Through free association, he would be able to gain unique insight in the human mind. Then, he had to find a format to report on his findings, and this would be the case study. Finally, his elaborate clinical case studies led to the development of his theoretical framework. Consequently, the field of psychoanalysis brims with some of the most intriguing and the most memorable case histories. Even beginners cannot fail to be amazed at Josef Breuer’s extraordinary treatment of “Fräulein Anna O.”, a young woman whose hysterical symptoms seemed to disappear simply through conversation; or at Sigmund Freud’s analysis of the so-called “Rat Man”, a young Viennese neurotic gripped by seemingly bizarre obsessional thoughts and rituals which crippled his life. And who could not be captivated by Melanie Klein’s case history of “Dick” whom we would now recognise to be an autistic child; or by Heinz Kohut’s work with the handsome young man known as “Mr. Z”, who struggled with feelings of social isolation and difficulty of forming relationships with women.
Başkent University, Ankara Contemporary Psychoanalytical Psychotherapies Association and Hacettepe University have joined together to commemorate Prof. Dr. Leyla Zileli on her tenth death anniversary. Leyla Zileli was one of the pioneer teachers of psychoanalytical psychotherapy. Our choice of symposium theme was based on Leyla Zileli’s mastery to demostrate how psychoanalytic theories could be applied to clinical cases. With her colleague and friend Prof. Dr. Orhan Öztürk saying; ‘Leyla’s generous humane love, extraordinary capacity for empathy and in the face of difficulties indescribable, endless patience’ we would like to keep Leyla Zileli’s legacy alive through clinical practice and psychoanalytical training ... We hope to meet you at Başkent University Ankara at our symposium on 16-17-18 November 2018.
2nd International Leyla Zileli Psychoanalytical Symposium (2013)
The scientific program will be held on November 16-17–18, 2018 in Ankara.
The language of the Symposium is Turkish and English. There is going to be simultaneous translation.
Badge and symposium bag will be provided for all participants. Please kindly wear the badges all times for purposes of the symposium order.
Başkent University Campus Bağlıca buses will be available for all the participants free of charge. Kindly check the bus schedule at our symposium web site and registration desk.
All participants may have their certificate of attendance from the registration desk by November 18, 13:00 pm.
All cancellations must be electronically mailed. Refund of registration fee will be as follows: Cancellations received until and including September 24, 2018 – full refund.


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